Portfolio of Work

Examples of past work in digital communications, web development, content creation and videography.

Corporate Videos

Electronic Press Kit - Ben Miller and Anita MacDonald

In 2015 I helped found Tartan Pig, a video production company offering corporate & creative video production services. 

This EPK for Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald was one of Tartan Pig’s showcase videos. It was filmed in the cellar of the renowned Royal Oak pub in Edinburgh.

Butcher Wars - Scottish Craft Butcher

In 2019 I was asked to create a social media video to promote the "Butcher Wars" event run by Scottish Craft Butchers / Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association.

Political Videos

Prostitution Law Reform - Explainer Video

During my time working at the Scottish Parliament for Jean Urquhart MSP I assisted with the delivery of the consultation on Prostitution Law Reform.


RISE: Scotland’s Left Alliance - Party Political Broadcast

I assisted with the scripting of the 2016 PPB for RISE, and managed all of the filming, production, and post-production.

Social Videos

I coordinated Maggie Chapman’s EU Election campaign social media content as well as her subsequent leadership campaign, the following are examples of the social videos I developed specifically for native upload to Twitter and Facebook. These were designed to look "homegrown" drawing from research into social video audiences.