Carolyn currently works as a freelance journalist on a part-time basis, providing radio features for international media outlets.

Carolyn will soon be launching a new podcast on Scottish and international current affairs, please check back soon or get in touch for more details.

Carolyn's past work includes feature writing for STV News, CommonSpace and a range of international outlets; various radio projects including live global news reporting, feature production, and radio documentary production; and, videography, event coverage and documentary film production.

Carolyn completed her Masters in Journalism at Napier University in 2018 and is currently a guest lecturer in digital skills, online news, and web development.

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NewsShaft was an online radio platform and news website, covering Scottish politics and current affairs. The service consisted of five weekly programmes, including the flagship show – a weekly Scottish politics magazine podcast ‘NewsShaft’. 

Carolyn was a presenter and producer on the flagship show, she also wrote and produced her own weekly documentary show Scott on Scotland, and hosted a live weekly call-in show Call NewsShaft.

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